Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles after tiresome efforts and day night struggle finally came to see their dream come true back there in 2004. This was a passionate dream of Marcus Hiles since he was a master’s graduate in management. There is always a long tiring story behind the success of every business empire as same is in the case of Western Rim Properties.


How such a huge businesss empire came into existence is a question of great consideration. Basically the aim behind creating this business was never generating profits through the pockets of the upper class, rather the ambition of this real estate business is to provide services to the under privileged class of society. Marcus Hiles was well aware of the fact that everyone in this real estate business comes to maximize his earnings and exceeding revenue ratios, so he decided to do something that is different and remarkable from the rest. With his effective business visionaries he made an attempt to construct cost effective residencies for the low income class. Keeping his personal share of profit to the lowest he established residential societies for the deprived society. Marcus Hiles was a true supporter of the human right of home for everyone. He devoted his life in raising voice against higher income tax rates that alternatively affect the buyers.


Marcus Hiles accepts the truth that the credit of their business success goes to the society and after establishing his business empire, he decided to pay back the society. To achieve this aim the only way was to contribute a lot in the welfare of society. He spends much of his earnings in social welfare projects. Moreover, he constructed luxurious and cost effective homes for the low income society. Whether it was about donating for some schools or creating new educational institutions for the low income class, Marcus Hiles is always on the front.

Marcus Hiles Real State Business

The basic purpose of creating Western Rim Properties was to provide luxury to the people of Texas with a mediocre budget. He not only constructed cost friendly homes but his housing schemes are much liked by the people because of their durability and reliability. When deciding to buy homes under Western Rim Properties, one is always confident about the quality of material used to build these houses. Though they are low budget homes but low cost material is never used in construction. That is why people are always interested in investing their income in buying under Western Rim because they wished a long lasting reliable residency for their family.