Month: March 2017

Marcus Hiles Leading Green Housing Revolution In Texas

Marcus Hiles became market leader early on, using his instinct to satisfy market demand for healthier lifestyles and wellness environments among modern rental customers through his companies under the Western Rim Properties umbrella. Nurturing community, not isolation, and forging important bonds among employees, tenants, and locations through mentorship, work ethic, and philanthropy, Hiles has emerged ahead of the curve in the multi-unit housing market. With more than 15,000 luxury units developed across the state of Texas, Hiles further progresses the industry, acting on opportunity to create top-notch, affordable high-end developments attentive to green standards.

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Marcus Hiles’ Success Stems From Community Precedents

Master planned commercial developments have dominated the residential sector since the 1960s, and Texas has been at the forefront of this trend ever since. One of the first such examples was Las Colinas, established in 1973 and still experiencing growth today. Back in 2006, its citizens voted to approve changes to deed restrictions, allowing an even greater density of urban mixed-use construction. The Woodlands was created later in the seventies, and is still one of the premier residential and business destinations of the greater Houston area. The success of Marcus Hiles’ Western Rim Properties comes from the precedents these great communities set. Hiles’ developments feature resort style amenities so that residents don’t have to leave the grounds, unless they so choose, and are developed upon carefully selected lots with beautiful natural landscapes and convenient access to local attractions. Each community’s uniquely planned events and social activities promote healthy, active lifestyles and help to build accepting, neighboring environments.

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Marcus Hiles Advises Texans On Finding Lower Rent Prices

Marcus Hiles instructs renters looking to sign a new lease to remember a few factors that may affect the price of rent. A recent Forbes article on how to negotiate rental prices explained that collecting information on the area, the landlord, and what current tenants are paying — either in the same complex or neighborhood – can come into play when pursuing lower rental rates. Renters should try to negotiate prices, in an effective manner. Despite transparently asking for a lower rental price often being ineffective, landlords are not firmly opposed to working out a deal. “Negotiation points for me as a landlord and property manager are length of lease and credit,” said Denise Supplee, co-founder of, a full-service rental automation company. Another angle, notes HIles, is to pursue a long-term lease, as landlords prefer to keep turnover rates down while still exceeding their profit needs.

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Marcus Hiles – Western Rim – On the Success of Texas Pro-Growth Strategies

Texas recovered from the recession with job gains two years sooner than the rest of the country. By January 2016 1.3 million jobs had been created since the pre-recession employment peak. Marcus Hiles, experienced property developer in the area, notes that the Texas Consumer Confidence Index (CCI), that calculates economic optimism through budgeting and spending habits is seeing increasing gains over the rest of the U.S. The growth in the financial stability in Texas has resulted in a dramatic surge in housing sales and local communities. The price of real estate increased by 5.9 percent over previous years.


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