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Marcus Hiles’ Developments Promote Healthy, Active Lifestyle

Beginning in the 1960s, master planned commercial blueprints started dominating the residential sector. Texas has stayed at the forefront of this trend. Las Colinas, established in 1973, was one of the earliest examples and is still experiencing growth to this day. The citizens voted to approve changes to deed restrictions in 2006, allowing an even greater density of urban mixed-use construction. Later in the 1970s, The Woodlands was developed and continues to stand as one of the premier residential and business destinations in the Houston area. Marcus Hiles’ business success is a result of the precedents his great communities set. Western Rim’s complexes boast resort style amenities meaning that tenants never have to vacate the grounds, if they so choose, and are always built upon carefully chosen lots with beautiful natural landscapes and convenient access to the region’s many attractions. Each property’s uniquely planned events and social activities foster healthy, active lifestyles and encourage accepting, neighboring environments.

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Marcus Hiles – Contributing To The Well Being Of Texas

Marcus Hiles is a prosperous and visionary developer and investor. As such, he is able to commit himself fully to his job which is to make the lives of thousands of people more comfortable. More than 25 years of experience have shown that he has been able to do that but Hiles also excels at providing access to areas for exercising and creating a base for a healthy lifestyle. By donating thousands of trees a year and countless acres of land for community parks, Hiles encourages people to become more active and energetic. More about this on http://finance.yahoo.com/news/marcus-hiles-western-rim-proudly-220604645.html

Marcus Hiles Expecting Houston To Have Strong 2017

Marcus Hiles notes that the following day after the members of OPEC agreed to reduce production by 1.2 million barrels per day, U.S. crude saw its biggest daily price gain in over seven years, climbing by almost ten percent to $49.44. “This means 2017 will be a better year for oil and gas activity,” noted David Pursell, research manager at energy investment bank Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co. in the Houston Chronicle. “It’s really good for Houston and the white-collar jobs.” Now above $50, the New York Times reported that prices could continue to rise in the winter months, further accelerating economic recovery. Confirming these notions, in December the monthly Purchasing Managers Index, a survey of supply chain leaders which measures commercial activity, gave Houston its third positive report in a row, indicating near-term expansion in employment, sales and production among all top industries. “We’re seeing fairly significant strengthening in most of the underlying sectors, particularly oil and gas,” Ross Harvin, who compiles the report for the Institute for Supply Management, stated in Houston Public Media.

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Dallas Real Estate Developer Marcus Hiles Discusses Modern Changes in Architectural Design Trends

Dallas Real Estate Developer Marcus Hiles Discusses Modern Changes in Architectural Design Trends

Dallas Real Estate Developer Marcus Hiles Discusses Modern Changes in Architectural Design Trends

Marcus Hiles, the CEO of the largest provider of affordable luxury housing in Texas, Western Rim Property Services, discusses the rise in prominence of gourmet cooking, and the resulting effects on kitchens. Kitchens are now often the largest room in the home, and commonly equipped with restaurant grade appliances along with ornate designs. The room has taken over as a central gathering area of friends, family, and loved ones.

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Marcus Hiles Promotes Water Conservation

Marcus Hiles Promotes Water Conservation

Marcus Hiles Promotes Water Conservation

Water, particularly heated water, remains a significant source of emissions in most first-world countries, with over ten gallons used per person per day. Taking shorter showers with slightly cooler water, fewer baths, and turning off the sink faucet when brushing or shaving can make a significant difference in an individual’s water consumption. Marcus Hiles notes that by installing low flow showerheads and toilets, a serious impact can be made.

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