At Marcus Hiles’ 15,000 lavish rental homes throughout Texas, cellulose sound insulation is responsible for providing tenants a feeling of personal hideaway from the outside world. Though the properties exhibit the developer’s dream of shared features, such as community recreation centers and championship golf courses, Hiles understands the need for residents’ private home life—one without any audible interference from the world outside or beyond the walls. Full depth cellulose is renowned for its ability to prevent intrusive sound. While most insulation provides minimal noise reduction by inhibiting sound from traveling through walls and underneath floors, dense packing cellulose weakens volumes by limiting the intrusion of sound along cavities in a building’s structure. According to the Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association, cellulose insulation products have an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating ranging upwards of .80 or higher, meaning that it absorbs 80% or more of the sound with which it comes into contact. With a density roughly three times more that of standard fiberglass, it affords a vast improvement over the other most common type of home insulation.

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